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Ecological Afromaternal

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Who is Ana Paula Lins 

"I am from Pernambuco, a black woman, daughter with two mothers, one mother of blood and one adopted. I have a degree in social work and the mother of a boy named Caetano Lins, I am a militant of environmental causes, a black and feminist movement.  


During motherhood there was a desire to discover new skills, so in March 2019 came the pandemic and home office work, which allowed me to be closer to home routine, my child's child development and work. The pandemic also brought a fear of  financial and work instability. I didn't stay detached, but I'm still afraid to stay. This uncertainty made me want to undertake and discover new skills."

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Creme Facial Antissinais Noite

R$ 12,99

Reusable breast pad

R$ 129,99

Ecological Diaper with African Print

R$ 199,99

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About Ecological Afromaternal

AFROMATERNA enables parenting in a conscious and sustainable way, demonstrating that it is light and possible to live a life with less disposables. For the world, for nature and for life, thus avoiding financial burdens and waste, focusing on the durability of each product.

  • Ecological diapers with African print, 100% cotton in all fabrics. 

  • Rita push buttons for P, M and G adjustment, for children weighing 4kg up to 17kg.

  • Elasticated legs and waist for a better fit. 

  • The diaper comes with a Melton fabric absorbent that ensures better absorption.

  • Limited African Print!

In the media: " Pernambucan brand of ecological diapers with African prints " (pages 76 and 77)

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Ecological Afromaternal

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