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About Buy

A platform that values and gives visibility to your business . Where do you promote, buy, learn and connect with hundreds of queens, mothers and entrepreneurs who are part of our community.


We mapped and expanded the dissemination to boost sales of women (cis and trans), black (black and brown), Afro-indigenous, indigenous, black immigrants and refugees who are MOTHERS and undertake products and services in different segments.  


We were born because we realize that people have difficulty finding services offered by us in one place. Because sometimes we feel alone in Entrepreneurship, in motherhood and in the paths we choose to take. And we also need to learn how to use the tools to sell online, to manage the business and improve ourselves in the area.  


That's what we at Compre do, we bring together wonderful women, with similar purposes and desire to grow and Boom!! The show happens!


Ever wanted to buy something from an enterprising Mom and didn't know where to look? There we are!

Compre de uma Mãe Preta is a space for strengthening, exchanging experiences, welcoming, assisting and a sales catalog for inventive and powerful black women mothers!

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