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Who is Janaina Reis

"I'm Janaína Reis, administrator by training, makeup artist by passion and therapist by mission! Mother of Nichole, an 18-year-old entrepreneur.
Passionate about cats, books and series. Walking by the sea or in a park energizes me and recharges my batteries. Faith in God keeps me on my feet to carry out my life's mission.
I was the Administrative and Financial Director of a company until my first anxiety crisis. I dropped everything and went back to São Paulo.
  Without work, I decided to start a business in the area of beauty, discovering my passion for makeup. In parallel, I was studying self-development and integrative therapies.
After my second anxiety attack I started to meditate.

Meditation and Non-Violent Communication have become a philosophy of life and strengthened the mother-daughter bond, creating a bond of love and friendship between us, which I want to share with other women. Thus was born Rios de Mim."

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Exfoliating Paste

Exfoliating paste with vegetable oils that cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes the skin. Can be used on face and body. Ideal for those with cracked feet.

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foot bath
Queen's Rest 

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Uterine Cleaning Vaporization Kit

A self-care ritual charged with the wisdom of our ancestors,  using natural herbs  to relax, relieve pain and fatigue from a hectic routine. 

Kit containing 3 sachets, explanatory card for use, a lunar mandala, access to a guided meditation for the blessing of the uterus.

About Rios de Mim

Rios de Mim was born after an anxiety crisis in which I thought I was having a heart attack. So that other people do not go through a situation like the one I experienced, I founded Rios de Mim, which focuses on socio-emotional health, teaching women to (re)connect with themselves in a journey of self-knowledge and healing with self-care breaks .
We produce creative, natural and vegan cosmetics.

When you get to this river that overflows with love, you also take care of the world, as we act with social and environmental responsibility. We prioritize small entrepreneurs in our production chain, using recyclable packaging and sharing part of our profits with projects that serve people in social vulnerability. So you become a drop of those Rivers of us.


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Service from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 6 pm

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