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Who is Edna Goulart

"My name is Edna Goulart, I'm 64 years old, I have a couple of children 38 and  40 years old, 3 grandchildren 6, 13 and 16, two boys and a girl. I'm an entrepreneur since I understand myself as a person.
The company Negaatrevida was born from the feeling of seeing the strength and beauty of black women stamped on garments, bringing in these prints the presence of black female empowerment.
And in my career in fashion I dedicate myself almost exclusively to plus size women, who at some point the history of fashion forgot. So I bring to this segment forgotten by fashion conservatives, Afro and ethnic fashion.
I've always been overweight, I know how a plus feels.
The idea is to fill this gap, allowing the plus woman to show how beautiful she is."


Crossed skirt made of African Fabric

BRL 130.00

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Long Printed Dress

BRL 120.00

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Bermuda Made of African fabric

BRL 120.00

about the daredevil

I've always liked the sales area, I've been a business for many years, however, I had a steady job but most of my livelihood came from sales. I have a clothing brand called negaatrevida, I produce afro and ethnic clothing  and  now i want to migrate to plus size including lingerie, swimwear etc.

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Service from Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 10 pm

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