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Art&Luc Custom

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Who is Dalete Ribeiro

"I'm Dalete, 42 years old, I'm married, I have 3 children and I'm CEO of ART & LUC Brindes e Presente, black woman, mother, wife and I'm very grateful for the life I have, for all the achievements of today and for the ones to come.

I'm a black woman and I'm in a constant search to be financially independent. My biggest dream is to work a lot, but for myself (since I still work as a CLT) and have the pleasure of waking up every day, taking care of my family and working in my company.

Today I can say that I really found what I like to do. GRATITUDE!!!"

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Custom pillow in Oxford or Satin fabric

Artesanal feita com sobras de nossas Coleções anteriores. Tecidos responsáveis 
▪︎Bolsa grande, serve até para pequenos passeios
Modelagem quadrada, fecho em zíper na diagonal no tampo de cima. Medida 30x30 cm 
Bolsa Resistente.
▪︎ bolsa/carteira pequena na medida 16 X 27 cm

BRL 30.00

Bolsas Neusa e Rita 199,99.jpg

Afro custom frame

Bolsa Rita de tecido responsável feito com fibras de Pet reciclada e aplicação de búzios naturais e resíduo de madeiras,  alça em corrente de metal ouro velho  19 altura e circunferência de fundo de 17 cm.  ▪︎ Bolsa Neusa com 2  alças, sendo 1 de mão de resíduos de madeiras e outra tiracolo de metal outo velho medidas 19 X 17 cm

BRL 55.00

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Afro personalized mug

︎Macacão Dandara em malha linho brilho perolado quantidade limitada. Tamanhos P,M,G   ▪︎ Bolsa Winnie: pequena base de 14 de base  X 30  de altura cm amarração em corda de algodão cru e aplicação de búzios.

value to consult

About Art&Luc

ART&LUC is a dream come true, which came at a difficult financial time. With the termination of the contract of the company I worked at at the time, I started to study the possibilities of having extra income at home, that's when I discovered sublimation. I had never heard of it, so I studied all the possibilities, way of doing things, materials, machinery, competition, market research. What fascinated me the most was the exclusivity of each product, the emotion in each look when I received a mug or pillow with photos of family, friends, pets, and this is priceless. 

For a year studying and watering the dream, we made it happen and there is  4 years ago we continued looking for ways to make it grow, because I love this world of Entrepreneurship a lot!

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Service from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm

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